The 3-Step Chiropractic Marketing Success Strategy

“I’d like to learn a confusing, expensive, and unproven system to market my practice.”- said no chiropractor ever

Have no fear! You’re about to discover a simple, 3 step marketing strategy that you can use to generate more new patients, drive more traffic to your website, and build your reputation in your community.

I’ve met a ton of docs who have built impressive followings on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. And I’ve met even more docs that want to build a big audience.


But don’t confuse vanity metrics (like follower count) with engagement, trust, and new patients.

It feels great to build a big following. Heck, content production and audience creation is step 1 of the process as you’ll see below. But second and third step is where all of the real opportunity sits.

By creating an easy to follow system and process- your practice will be able to produce a dependable and consistent new patient flow, decrease your overall marketing expenses, and grow at a faster rate.

How do I know?

I’ve seen it first hand.

The 3 Steps Chiropractic Marketing Strategy includes:

  1. The Content Factory

  2. Lead Magnet Attraction

  3. Follow Up for Success

This marketing strategy is used by many of the most successful companies in the world- and it can work for you too.

Having a proven chiropractic marketing strategy doesn't mean you need to use sleazy or cheesy sales tactics.

A great marketing strategy won't feel marketing it all. It's merely a way for you to provide value to the people in your community, in a patient-centric way, that will enable them to achieve better overall health and well-being.

If you’d rather watch than read; you can check out the video below!

1. The Content Factory

The heart of any solid chiropractic marketing strategy is content production. Putting out content online is how you can get people paying attention to you.

If someone doesn’t know you exist- they’ll never become a patient.

You may be wondering if there is an alternative to content production. The answer is yes. The alternative is to buy advertising. There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach; except that it can be expensive! Producing content is much cheaper than advertising when building a relationship based on trust, rapport, and expertise instead of discounted services.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about content production:

  • are you building your “know, trust, and like” factor each day online?

  • do they know you, your staff, and your practice (even if they haven’t come in as a patient yet)?

  • are you creating weekly video content that highlights the latest research that matters, why it matters to them, and the action steps they can take to benefit their life?

Your answer to all 3 of these questions should be a resounding “YES.” If not, then content production needs to be your #1 short-term goal.

Let’s breakdown the three primary avenues of content production.


The best way to put out content is through video. Creating videos is, by far the most powerful way to connect with the people in your community. As a bonus, nearly every social platform (including Facebook) currently favors video and will help you reach more people than if you posted just an image or text.

For those of you who are looking to boost posts and put a little ad spend behind your videos on Facebook- you should be able to get down to less than $0.05/view. That means you should be able to get over 1,000 people in your community to see your video for under $50 bucks!

The keys to creating excellent video content are to be: engaging, educational, and entertaining. If you are new to video, then I recommend picking up my video script above.


The second best way to put out content is with pictures. Facebook, Instagram, and many other social platforms are visual by nature.

Eye-catching images are a great way to get attention and start getting clicks and traffic back to your website. Best practice includes posting at least 3x wk to your primary social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Grab a free social media graphic pack below to get started.


Finally, you have the option to distribute content and information as text (or blog). Most written pieces or blogs will still have some image attached to them, but there are some exceptions where you may post just text without and pictures.

Also, don’t forget that written blogs can be used as patient education handouts in your practice!

2) Your Call to Action and Lead Magnet Attraction

The goal of putting out this content is for the viewer to take an action step. In the marketing world, this is called a “call to action” or CTA. What do you want the person to do after watching your video, seeing your picture, or reading your blog?

Nearly every piece of content you put out should have a call to action.

One of the most potent CTA’s you can use for your practice includes getting someone to give you their email address in return for information. This information is usually in a PDF or video form and is commonly referred to as a Lead Magnet.

For example, if you create a short video highlighting an exercise that can help reduce back pain, you may want to have a CTA that asks your viewers to learn more by getting your 3 Steps to Reduce Low Back Pain guide (which is the lead magnet).

Your call to action should include the following elements:

  1. clear and direct

  2. short and easy to understand

An example of a Lead Magnet

An example of a Lead Magnet

A few examples to great CTA’s include:

- Get Daily Health Updates By Subscribing Here

- Struggling with (condition), Call Today

Remember- the goal of your call to action is simple- get the viewer to take action!

A good lead magnet is one of the best ways to build your email list, provide valuable health information to your community, and consistently generate more new patients who already know/trust/like you.

The key to a good lead magnet is that it should provide information directly in line with the original content. In other words, if you have a video about headaches and your lead magnet shouldn’t be related to how you can identify the healthiest ice cream! Ideally, you want your lead magnet to extend the conversation, or go more in-depth on the topic.

Also, don’t forget about convenience. Some of my best performing lead agents are just PDF’s of the blog (the content piece) itself. People are busy- so giving them the option to download the blog as a PDF so they can reference later is convenient, easy, and can lead to very high conversions.

But don’t stop at step two.

Delivering your lead magnet is the beginning of the exchange, not the end.

3) Follow Up for Success

And number three follow up with email.

Sending a consistent email over a long period (known as a long-term drip or nurture sequence) is a critical final step of the strategy.

By sending consistent (in most cases 1x week is enough) you can build a deeper relationship, stay top of mind, and continue to provide value. Who do you think will be the first person they reach out to (or recommend to others) for care? A long-term email drip sequence can ensure it’s you!

You don't need to be hitting people three times a day. Don't get crazy. But if they have opted-in for your lead magnet, they want to know more. That's the exchange.

Start by delivering your lead magnet and then follow up and expand into some other areas of interest as well.

Dripping content does not mean that you should overwhelm your audience with a tidal wave of junk. That’s called spam, and no one likes it.

Make sure that you're putting out excellent content. Make sure that you have a friendly, tight call to action and lead magnet right in line with it. Follow up with an email after that.

This is the engine that can drive results for your practice.

Comment down below. I'd love to know if this is valuable for you and the first action step you intend to take!

I know a lot of docs that struggle with the time and expertise to market their practice effectively. So I have developed the key tools that can make this process super easy for you and your practice.

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