A patient-centric approach for you to build referral relationships.

Your practice should be receiving more referrals from medial doctors. We understand how frustrating it is to not receive many medical referrals. Then we discovered the process that has helped hundreds of chiropractors build referral relationships.


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A step-by-step plan to build your confidence and get more people under chiropractic care…

How many referrals are you missing out on by not building referral relationships? If you’re not building relationships with other healthcare providers, you may be missing out on an additional 5-15 new patients per month. You may also end up spending more and more money on advertising with little results.


Be Smart

Market your practice effectively with fully-customized educational research updates.

Be Confident

Build trust and rapport by meeting with other physicians- no extroverted personality required.

Be Patient-Centric

Send case notes easily using our fool proof system.


Chiropractic marketing that works

Many of our Members have doubled their incoming referrals using our step-by-step modules. The Members Vault contains every report, template, and guide you’ll need to get started. We’ve been there, we’ve done it, and we’ll be by your side every step of the way- from implementation to the day you start getting referrals.


Stop being frustrated by a lack of referrals from other providers in your community

Do you want to learn how to position your practice for long term success?

Do you want to build a more stable practice with more new patients?

Do you want to increase your referrals from other doctors in your community?


Position yourself as a leader

Fully-customized monthly research briefs to market your practice with consistency. There’s a lot of research out there. We hand select the best and put into a powerful monthly research brief designed to highlight your practice, establishing you as a local leader in conservative healthcare.


You shouldn’t have to go it alone…

We’ve worked with hundreds of chiropractors, just like you, who are looking to make a difference in their community and help more people experience chiropractic healthcare rather than traditional sick care.


Mastermind with other evidence based chiropractors

You’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. So doesn’t it make sense to spend time in an exclusive group, with other supportive docs who are working toward similar goals? We think so. It’s why all of our members have access to The Evidence Based Chiropractor Mastermind Group.


Work directly with Dr. Jeff Langmaid and discover...

  • our simple system to INCREASE your incoming referrals

  • how to leverage MD Meetings for explosive growth

  • how to automate your referral processes to save time and increase revenue

  • exactly how to position your practice as the local leader in chiropractic care

  • and much, much, more...


Getting on the road to referrals is simple and easy

  1. Join now

  2. Receive your action plan

  3. Get ready for more referrals



Our complete system includes step-by-step video modules and all of the reports, templates, guides, and customized research updates needed to start bridging the gap and increase your incoming referrals!

per month on a month by month subscription, plus applicable taxes.
billed annually, plus applicable taxes.
Your Membership Referral Tools
30 Minute Implementation Call with Dr. Langmaid Value $250
Monthly white-labeled research briefs Value $1,500/year
5 step-by-step video training modules Value $1,250
Implementation Checklist Value $49
The EBC Referral Pad Template Value $49
A copy of the best-selling book "Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors" Value $15
Access to The Evidence Based Chiropractor Mastermind Facebook Group Value $500/year
the Quick Start Guide Value $99
MD Keynote Presentation Value $79
Case Notes Templates (initial, re-evaluation, discharge) Value $49
the MD Meeting Guide Value $49
the Ice Breaker Letter Value $49
MD Meeting Letter Value $49
Practice Information Sheet Template Value $49
Exclusive documentation series courtesy of Custom ChiroSolutions Value $250
Physician Presentation Folder Template Value $29
Curriculum Vitae/Resume Template Value $29
Chiropractic Intake/Exam Forms Package Value $299

Why you should join today…backed up by numbers

Joining us is a tremendous investment in your practice.  See why below-

Average referral case value = $1,500

Entire year of membership = $800

This means if you get just ONE extra referral from this system in an entire year, you will nearly double your investment.

Also keep in mind that some chiropractors are getting an additional 50­-60 referrals per year.


Low end

1 referral = an extra $1,500/year

3 referrals =  an extra $4,500/year  

High end

30 referrals = an extra $45,000/year

60 referrals = an extra $90,000/year


As you can see, even people on the ­low end more than doubled the yearly investment. I'm also using extremely conservative lifetime value numbers in all these calculations.

Also keep in mind, most people will make more than 1 referral per month with these research papers. If you have trouble getting even 1 extra referral per month the members area contains my personal contact information, and you can call and ask for help (although I've never once had a single member quit and tell me they couldn't get an extra referral).

That's why this membership is simply a no­-brainer.


What our members are saying…


Download the FREE guide, “The 5 Secrets to MD Referrals


Marketing for smart, modern chiropractors.

Our system is extremely easy to implement. Build trust, build confidence, and build your practice.

  • more confidence

  • more influence

  • more referrals

  • more trust

  • more credibility