Looking for Neck and Back Pain Relief? Try adding Chiropractic!

If you visited a medical doctor for low back pain, researcher says you definitely want to consider adding chiropractic to find the most relief.


What is an Annular Tear and How Can You Find Relief?

Have you been told you have an annular tear on one of your spinal discs and it's causing you back pain? In this video we explore what an annular tear is, how long it takes to heal, and what are some of the common treatments.


Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

LinkedIn can sometimes get a bad rap. We all have had our inboxes flooded with marketing "experts" who guarantee new patients leads every month. This type of marketing is exceptionally annoying and rarely results in a productive conversation. But, there is a way to use LinkedIn as a platform to market your practice in a way that is effective and professional. 

For instance, LinkedIn is a professional level platform with thousands of other chiropractors engaged. So don't hesitate to connect with other docs. If you are a student, the sooner you begin building the bridge and build your network, the better opportunities will await you down the road. When you're looking to move back home, or even somewhere entirely new, you might already have a connection there, which will be invaluable as you start your practice. 

Also, be sure to utilize LinkedIn groups, such as the Chiropractic Professionals group that has 20,000+ members. I have found LinkedIn groups are vastly underutilized and can be a great way to distribute your message and content. Similar to Facebook, the groups offer a place to get more reach for your posts and drive more engagment. 

And remember, LinkedIn is a professional level platform, so don't be afraid to get technical. Topics that are over the head of your audience on Facebook may be just right for LinkedIn. Going deeper on nutrition, adjusting technique, how an adjustment works, radiology,  and advanced imaging and all great topics for LinkedIn posts. 

LinkedIn currently has over 500 million active users (up from 450 million just a few months ago). This sort of reach is why every chiropractic marketing plan needs to have a LinkedIn strategy.

It's highly likely that most of the business leaders and influences in your community on active on LinkedIn. 

Education, entertainment, and engagement. If those three words get you excited, then LinkedIn may be the perfect platform for you to build an audience.