The Top 3 Blog Post Topics to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

You may already know that blogging can drive massive traffic to your website and help more future patients find your office by improving your search engine optimization. But while most chiropractors realize they should be blogging, far too many don't know where to start.


Understanding the Lifetime Value of a Chiropractic Patient

Understanding the lifetime value of a patient is crucial when marketing your practice. Lifetime value, or LTV, is a particularly important metric when you are spending money on paid search/PPC/Google Adwords


How to Reduce Crossfit Injuries

Here are the 3 top strategies you can use to prevent Crossfit injuries.

You know the key to Crossfit success is staying consistent with your WOD's; but that's just not possible when you're injured.

By stretching pre/post, improving your lifting ergonomics (don't cheat!) and progressive lifting- you can limit your chance of injury and keep getting those gains!