The Top Chiropractic Podcasts You Should Follow

Line these chiropractic podcasts up for your morning commute.


Which chiropractic podcasts are worth listening to? It's a great question, and we've made it easy for you by rounding up the five best chiropractic podcast for once and for all.

Whether you are an all action sports chiropractor, research-based pain relief specialist, or wellness advocate- there is a chiropractic podcast featuring information that will help you grow your practice.

Podcasts are exploding in popularity for a few reasons. First is the fact that you can listen anywhere- even while driving your car or working out. Usually, these aren't times where you want to be watching videos or reading articles! Also, most podcasts present their content in a way that is fun, exciting and leaves you wanting more.

The chiropractic podcasts featured below showcase an array of information- from in-depth interviews with industry heavy hitters, practical marketing advice from the trenches, to showcasing the research that matters- they provide a venerable masterclass in modern chiropractic practice. All of them featured a patient-centric approach that ties directly to modern chiropractic practice building.

If your goal is to stay up to date on research, hone your craft at marketing, and learn about industry news and happenings- podcasts are the ideal choice.


The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show is a podcast which offers practical marketing tips, exciting interviews, and proven strategies for practicing docs. Hosted by Dr. Kevin Christie, a fantastic chiropractor practicing in South Florida, this podcast features a bunch of tactics and information that Kevin has personally used in his practice. For listeners interested in chiropractic marketing advice that has been battle-tested, The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show is a must listen, someone who has scaled multiple practice locations has been involved with the NFL, and regularly attend entrepreneurial conferences, Kevin is a great mentor for many chiropractors in the trenches.

Chiropractic Science is a podcast focused on the research. If your an evidence-informed doc that geeks out on the latest research, a subscription to Chiropractic Science is in order. This podcast examines the most recent research and interviews many of the researchers, giving you a behind the scenes look at what it's like to produce modern chiropractic research. Not afraid to get into the details- Chiropractic Science is the PubMed of chiropractic podcasts.

Offering chiropractic research and marketing each week in the time it takes to get to your office; The Evidence Based Chiropractor is the official podcast of this website. Approaching nearly 200 episodes, The EBC Podcast provides listeners with research updates and marketing strategies that can be immediately implemented in their practice. Research can be super, and marketing can be super complicated- The EBC Podcast does the hard work of sifting through the information, picking out the gold nuggets that can impact your practice, and delivering those nuggets on a silver platter every Monday morning.

Hosted by Jerry Kennedy, Black Sheep is a podcast that takes an unfiltered look at chiropractic practice. Whether it's evaluated hot button topics, showcasing high leverage marketing tips, or interviewing trendsetters, Jerry isn't afraid to dive deep. Relationship marketing is a hallmark or tenant of the podcast, and Jerry delivers incredibly valuable information for new, and seasoned docs, who are looking to grow in an ethical, patient-centric way.

As the official podcast of The Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance you know host Dr. Bobby Maybee isn't afraid to tackle the tough issues affecting chiropractors around the world. Interviews with heavy hitters, previews of upcoming events, and tactical information for evidence-informed docs have all been featured on the Forward Podcast. Based on the guest list of interviews, it would be easy to shrink; but Bobby does a great job of stepping up, leaning in, and getting his guests to unpack their experience and knowledge base.

Do you like movement and health? Do you cringe at 3x wk forever treatment plans but secretly wish there was a better way towards financial freedom practicing in an ethical, patient-centric way? If so, you’ll love Josh Satterlee’s Clinic Gym Radio Podcast.