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How to Carry Out a Complete Social Media Campaign for Your Chiropractic Practice

According to this survey, 63% of companies consider generating website traffic and leads as their top two marketing challenges. You need those leads to attract new patients to your chiropractic practice.

To generate those leads, start by getting social online!

With an active social media campaign, you can discover new patients and build your practice.

Here are 10 essential tips for an effective social media campaign. With these tips, you can improve your chiropractic practice's lead generation efforts and stand taller in the marketplace.

Keep reading to learn how to make it happen!

1. Know Your Audience

In the United States alone, 79% of the population has some kind of social media account as of 2019. Your patients are online, tweeting, and liking and snapping with their friends. For a successful social media campaign, however, you need to narrow down the numbers. 

Instead of marketing your chiropractic practice to 79% of the country's population, focus on your target audience.

What do you know about your patients? What are their likes, dislikes, pains, and concerns? The better you know your audience, the easier it is to reach out.

Take a look at the demographics. Break down your audience based on:

  • Purchasing behaviors

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Household income

  • Marital status

  • Travel behavior

  • Location

Do you know your audience?

Do you know your audience?

Are you targeting a specific location radius? How far are people willing to travel to reach your chiropractor audience?

Narrowing down your audience based on these details can help you craft concise messages. The more targeted your messaging, the easier it is to connect with your target audience. 

2. Get On Your Goals

Before you set up a complete social media campaign, let's determine your specific goals, first. Knowing your goals can help you create tactics for your campaigns that are built to ensure you accomplish these goals. 

Brand Awareness

A brand awareness campaign will help patients recognize your traffic among other chiropractors.

To create an effective brand awareness campaign on social media, consider what sets you apart. Post on a variety of platforms to reach your target audience. You can also use branded hashtags that set your practice apart from the rest. 

Focus on what makes your practice unique. What's your value proposition? Post images that highlight that value.

You can also encourage your current patients to post with your branded hashtag. User-generated content is a great way to get your existing audience involved as you expand your reach.

Increase Website Traffic

If you have an appointment booking feature on your website, encourage followers to visit your site.

You can also use value content, such as blog posts, to entice people to visit. Use call-to-action language that encourages followers to explore your website content. Make sure you highlight the value of visiting your website in your posts. 

Don't forget to add URLs to your social media posts to make the content easy for your followers to find. 

3. Research the Competition

What are other chiropractic practices in your area up to? What posts are they creating that are generating engagement on social media?

Learning from your competition can help you get a step ahead.

Recognize what they're doing right with their social media campaigns. Then, think about how you can set yourself apart.

Researching the competition will teach you what not to do, too.

That way, you can create successful social media campaigns that help your practice stand out. 

4. Connect with Content

What type of content will convince your followers to stop and listen?

This is where your audience research comes in. Knowing what they like and care about can help you create the best social media campaign possible. 

Consider trying different formats such as videos, blogs, photos, and even stories. 

Make sure the visual content is entertaining and compelling enough that gets people to stop scrolling. Engage your audience, too. Get people involved in your content by asking for their opinions or host a contest.

Getting followers involved in your content will help you reach more people online. 

Using video, like we do with  The Smart Chiropractor , can help you connect with content.

Using video, like we do with The Smart Chiropractor, can help you connect with content.

5. Stick to a Schedule

The key to successful social media campaigns is consistency.

Try to post at least once a day, or a few times a week to start. The more often people see your brand, the more likely they'll recognize you online. 

You can use a marketing calendar or an automated tool such as CoSchedule or Hootsuite to schedule your posts ahead of time.

6. Find Influencers

Social media influencers can give your content a big advantage. They also add credibility to your campaigns.

Find someone your followers already know and trust. Then, ask them to represent your brand. Having an influencer on your team can help you network and expand your brand.

7. Check What's Trending

What's going on in the world? The digital world is changing a little more every day. There's always something new to try!

Think about planking in 2010 or the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014. A few years ago, everyone was posting using the #MannequinChallenge hashtag. Keep up with these trends and get in on the fun with your posts!

Use trends, but stay relevant!

Use trends, but stay relevant!

8. Get Engaged

After you start posting fresh content, make sure you're engaging with your audience.

Answer the questions or take the time to "like" the comments they post. Show your followers (and patients) that you're active online. Your engagement will show them you're interested in and invested in their concerns. 

9. Balance It Out

Start by sharing a singular message online using different social media platforms. By sharing the same message, your followers will start to retain that message over time. 

Make sure your organic content remains in balance with your promotional content. Otherwise, people will feel you're pressuring them a little too much.

10. Study the Data

After you start posting online, study the data from your social media campaign.

What type of content is attracting the most attention? What do people respond to, like, and share?

Metric tracking can help you make informed decisions for your next campaign. 

Look at your  Facebook Insights  each month to track your progress!

Look at your Facebook Insights each month to track your progress!

Chiropractic Campaigns: 10 Tips for Your Practice's Next Social Media Campaign

Kick up your next chiropractic social media campaign! With these tips, you can stand out from the crowd and draw new patients to your practice. 

Discover our free tools today for more ways to give your marketing campaigns a boost!


Chiropractic Postcards- Are They Worth It?

Sending postcards may seem a bit old-school, but you shouldn't underestimate their effectiveness at driving new patients and re-activations.

Today we'll break down the three important types of postcards that you need for your chiropractic practice. Typically I talk a lot about social media and online marketing (because it's SUPER important) because it's the best way you can grow your practice quickly. But there is something to be said for the physical nature of mailing a postcard. And there are three postcard types I would recommend starting immediately which all have an extremely high return on investment.

Chiropractic Happy Birthday Postcards

So postcard type number one is the good old fashioned "Happy Birthday" postcard. We all know getting physical mail carries way more perceived importance than just an email. Think about it yourself. When it's your birthday, you open up the mailbox you'll see a card there. It makes you feel good! You should, of course also send a happy birthday email to your patient but sending a physical postcard at somebody's birthday has that little bit extra pizazz. It's a little bit special, it's a little bit over the top, and I think it delivers a very high return on investment through goodwill and caring.

The second type of postcard you should be sending is a re-activation postcard. The goal of this postcard is to engage with your past patients, let them know you've been thinking about them and that you care.

Over time you will have an inactive patients list in the hundreds, if not thousands. Sending a physical postcard and reminder of your practice thorugh direct mail is a compelling way to stimulate re-activations. Incidentally, you should also be sending these reminders consistently through email, but mixing in a physical postcard every few months is a great way to deepen your relationship and add another touch point.

A reminder that you exist is an excellent opportunity for your in-active patients to pick up the phone and call your office. How many patients leave your practice happy and healthy? Probably more than 90%. So think about it, you have a plethora of "fans' of your practice out there in your community. Don't hesitate to remind them with a physical postcard that you are part of their healthcare team and you are ready to help when they need you.

Chiropractic Holiday Postcard Set
Add To Cart

The third type of postcard you should consider is a holiday card. Around the New Year is a great time to send a physical piece of mail to your patients and let them know you are thinking of them. Pro-tip- the timing of your holiday card can vary. If you are looking for a boost in the new year, then it may be beneficial to wait until after the 1st to send. If you are looking for a little practice uptick before the close of the year (and as your patients are looking at their deductibles) then sending the holiday card towards the beginning of December may be a better idea. It's up to you!

These three postcards will give you touch point practically every quarter with your patients.

I'd encourage you to explore sending postcards in 2019. Test it. See what kind of return on investment you can get. I think you'll be happily surprised with the results.