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The Top 10 Chiropractic Research Articles

In this FREE REPORT you will learn

  • the results of a 9 year study on chiropractic safety
  • chiropractic adjustments vs. nerve root injections- which has superior outcomes?
  • about 2010 Outstanding Paper: Medical and Interventional Science
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Chiropractic SEO- Your Guide to Ranking High in Google

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  • The basics of search engine optimization
  • Why ranking high in Google is super important for modern chiropractic offices
  • How you can immediately rank higher in Google with a few simple changes to your website
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  • Why page speed matters (especially on mobile), and how you can make your page lightning fast
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"Chiropractic Marketing Growth Hacks"

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  • List building to automate and explode your new patient flow  
  • Top FB ad techniques from eight-figure businesses
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 "The 5 Secrets to MD Referrals"

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  • why careful targeting of MD's is imperative
  • are you "speaking their language"?
  • how to build rapport and trust
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Building the Relationship: The MD Meeting

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  • why should I meet with local MD's?
  • should I provide lunch?
  • how to set up the meeting
  • getting prepared for your meeting

Free Patient Education Guide- "Back Pain- 5 Things You Need to Know"

In this FREE GUIDE your patients will learn

  • is chiropractic considered safe and effective?
  • can leg pain be coming from the spine?
  • why bed rest is the worst thing for back pain
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Free Spreadsheet- "Master Marketing Calendar"

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  • keep track of your targeted physicians
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  • what gets measured gets results!

Free Spreadsheet- "MD Meeting Tracking Sheet"

In this FREE Spreadsheet you will

  • keep up to date contact information on your targeted MD's
  • see their address, phone, email at a glance
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  • what gets measured gets results!