How to Use Instagram Stories as a Chiropractor

Here is a quick tip on how you can use Instagram stories to market your chiropractic practice. 

Instagram stories allow you to showcase your practice, reduce fear, and inspire action!. Let's face it. Going to a new doctor is nerve-racking. Not knowing the doctors, the staff, the diagnosis or treatment is scary.  And that fear can cause in-action. Thankfully, Instagram stories are the perfect tool to reduce this fear.  

Walking through the front door of a new doctors office is intimidating. So showing off what's behind your front door is a great way that you can reduce fears and increase the likelihood that somebody will call you when they are in need.  A great way to do that is with Instagram stories- you can simply go to Instagram, and at the top, you will see "stories." The first icon in the row will be you, and there will be a little plus there. You simply click that, and it brings you to a beautiful screen where you can take a picture, or even shoot a short video.

You can do all of that with Instagram stories. If you're shy about being on camera or you're a little unsure of yourself, don't hesitate to point the camera away and give a first-person point of view tour of your office.  You could tour a treatment room or interview a front desk staff member to get people engaged and exposed to what goes on behind the scenes of your office. Make them feel more comfortable, and they are much more likely to ask you to be their chiropractor! 


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10X Your Next Seminar Using This Instagram Hack

At Rockstock in Huntington Beach, one of the big things that I noticed was that it seemed like everyone knew everyone. But, there are many events and seminars that feel a bit lonely. It can make you feel like your in a silo. But, I want to tell you that you can use Instagram to connect with other docs that are close by to you and make connections, so you're not feeling alone or siloed at the events and seminars you attend.

And the easiest way to do it is when you take out your phone, go to Instagram. Then search by "places." And when you search by locations you can tag precisely where you're hanging out. So recently I was at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington. I can tag that location and Instagram will give me a list of everybody that's posted (in chronological order) and tagged the Hyatt Regency. So I was able to find a bunch of other docs that were posting pictures from Rockstock. And then I can comment on the photos, shoot them a direct message, follow them, etc. If you go to a unique event and you don't know anybody there whatsoever you can just hop on Instagram. 

Especially if it's an event that has a couple of hundred chiropractors- you'll notice that quite a few start to post pictures. People are engaged. People are pulling out their phones and taking photos of slides, and many of them are then putting those on Facebook or Instagram. 

So I just want to give that quick tip for you. If you're at a seminar or a conference, and it feels like you don't know anybody,  Instagram can make it a lot easier to connect with like-minded docs and make a few friends in the process.