Marketing Chiropractic with Research

So this is where research becomes a massive ally of ours. If our research sucked, it would be hard to market it! Fortunately,  we have great literature supporting what we do as chiropractors, and it comes out all the time. There is a backlog of terrific research. And if you've never reached out in the past, you may have ten years worth of content before you have to think about trying to find something new. 

But getting out there with it, marketing it, using it, is the critical step. Marketing through research gives you that monthly marketing touchpoint. And in marketing, consistency and focus are key.  If you start sending people 20-page research are punishing them. You are not helping them. Nobody has enough time to short through a long-form research paper. 

So if you're going to do the outreach, the onus is on you to frame it in a way that matters to them. 

That is why we use a straightforward process. One peer-reviewed piece of research, one time per month. At worst the other physician will see your name in a professional context, becoming a leader in education in your community. At best they're going to take action. Ultimately sending brief, concise, and impactful monthly research updates it's always going to be looked upon in a favorable light. It adds value to them.