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The Evidence Based Chiropractor Featured on iTunes "New and Noteworthy"

Less than 1 week after the launch of The Evidence Based Chiropractor Podcast, we have been featured on iTunes as "New and Noteworthy".

iTunes is one of the worlds largest podcast platforms with over 1 BILLION subscriptions. For us to be featured in a main category less than 1 week after launched is a monumental accomplishment, and we couldn't have done it without you.  This feature is typically based on Reviews, Downloads, and Ratings. 

Now is the perfect time to listen, review, subscribe or rate our podcast. 

The Evidence Based Chiropractor featured on iTunes "New and Noteworthy"

Each and every week we are going to be providing Chiropractors with research and marketing content to build your practice in the time it takes to drive to the office. Are you ready? 

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-The Evidence Based Chiropractor has assisted hundreds of chiropractors around the globe build interdisciplinary referral relationships.

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