The 10 Best Chiropractic Website Tips

Our chiropractic website tips are here to make your website stand-out and attract more new patients. 


1) Consistent Blogging- content is KING

At this point EVERY chiropractic website should contain an active blog.  On the internet (and with search engines), content is KING.  Keeping an up-to-date blog filled with relevant content is absolutely essential to having a website that is working for you and your practice. I recommend updating your blog at least 2x month with a medium length piece of content.

2) Be Smart With Your Web Address- use the right keywords so people can find you on Google

Your URL, or web address, is a surprisingly overlooked component of your SEO. The best URL’s are brief and contain your business name. Think or In other words, you want to avoid anything that resembles Keep it simple and as easy to remember as possible!

3) CTA- have a CLEAR call to action or next step for your visitor

Have you noticed anything when you visit Google, Yelp, and many of the other most popular website in the world. How many actions can you take a One! There is one clear call to action. When someone arrives at your website, make the ONE action you want them to take very apparent. Pro-tip- “wellness awaits you” is not a compelling call to action. 

4) Practice Information- this may sound obvious, but make sure your phone/address/email are easily accessible

If someone goes to your website on their smartphone are they able to press a button and call your office immediately? If not, you may be missing out on a tremendous amount of new patients. You would be shocked at how many chiropractic websites don't have this simple functionality. 

5) Email Opt-In- build an on-going list of potential new patients with a pop-up box or welcome mat

You have probably heard of “funnels” or email sequences. But before you start turning prospects into patients with these tools you need something…their email! Be sure to have a solid email collection tool on your website such as 

6) Install Google analytics- as Nike says, “Just Do It”

You can only improve what you measure. Google analytics is completely free and gives all of the statistics you need to refine and improve your website. It’s simply the best free tool available to check the performance of your website. 

7) Load a Facebook Pixel- essential for re-targeting and having high converting FB ads

A facebook pixel is an invisible piece of code on your website that you can use to improve the response of your ads. And if you are spending any money on ads, you want them to work! To learn more about re-targeting click here. 

8) Mobile Friendly- over 50% of people will view on their phones, make sure it’s looking good

Duh. Is your website look great on an tablet or smartphone? Or is half the content hanging off the side of the screen? If your website isn't mobile responsive, then you are losing a ton of traffic and may even be being penalized by Google in the search engine rankings. 

9) Social Media Account- link your social account to your website and vice-versa

Don’t forget to link your social media accounts to your website. If someone visits your website they should easily be able to check out your presence on social media. This will help build your audience and establish rapport. 

10) Speed- check your speed using a tool like Google PageSpeed. This helps with SEO

For many potential patients your chiropractic website is their first contact to your brand. Simply having a website is no longer enough. But, having a great website does not require $1,000 per month or your own web developer. 


There you have it. Ten of best steps you can take to ensure your website stands out front the crowd and attracts more new patients.