meeting with medical doctors

Ever Wasted Time Meeting with a Medical Doctor? - by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Have you had a disappointing meeting with an MD in the past?  

Maybe you were shuffled through and received hardly a passing glance?

This has happened to many chiropractors who did not have the tools and training necessary to maximize their time and energy.  At The Evidence Based Chiropractor, we approach MD Meetings in a systematic fashion with an emphasis on using the socratic method.  In order to present and position your office you need to know how you can best serve their patients.  Fortunately, chiropractic is one of the most safe and effective health care professions ever known.  However, we must position and present our practices in a very systematic fashion to avoid and overcome the negative perception many other healthcare practitioners falsely hold of our profession.

Their has never been another time when more positive and supportive literature for chiropractic has existed.  Journals such as Spine, the British Medical Journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, etc. have all produced recent research supporting the use of chiropractic care.  Next time you meet with an MD, be prepared.  Explore our free tools such as The MD Meeting or join our flagship Membership Program.  Research, Relationships. Referrals.

-The Evidence Based Chiropractor is the leading DC/MD marketing and outreach group in the world.  Our service is dedicated to increasing chiropractic utilization by showcasing research.  Marketing to medical doctors through research is efficient, cost effective, and can dramatically improve your incoming referrals.  Join us.  Lets grow chiropractic together.