The MD Meeting- How to Get Chiropractic Referrals from Medical Doctors

MD Meetings don’t need to be intimidating. Go in with a plan and come out with referrals.

Relationships are at the heart of referrals. Meetings the physicians within your circle of practice is simply the best way to build rapport and will be the foundation of your relationships building.

The best part? It doesn’t need to be intimidating or scary.

For some of us this may seem like a daunting task. However, with this guide, I have laid out a process that even the most introverted of chiropractors will be able to use for their success.

And remember, MD Meetings, are not exclusive to medical doctors. The same tactics and strategies can be used for meeting with all types of health care providers.

I'm Dr. Jeff Langmaid, Founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor.  As a practicing chiropractor just like you I understand how difficult gaining consistent referrals from MD's can be.  Research shows us that chiropractic is VASTLY underutilized across our nation.  I began The Evidence Based Chiropractor with the single mission of increasing chiropractic utilization. 

My expertise lies in building relationships with MD's and gaining MD referrals. I practice with the largest orthopedic group in Florida and have a unique insight into the referral habits of MD's.  We have assisted and worked with chiropractors just like you to develop relationships and referrals.

The Evidence Based Chiropractor is the leading MD marketing service in chiropractic.  We have the affordable, elegant, and effective solution to your MD marketing needs. Many of our members are receiving over significant ROI using our system.  It is truly affordable elegance.

All of our members IMMEDIATELY receive access to our MEMBERS ONLY area which contains your Quick Start Guide, MD Ice Breaker Letter, MD Ice Breaker Email, MD Meeting Letter, MD Tracking Sheets and everything you need to get start as we build your custom MD Research Brief Template with your personalized practice information.