Highlighting the Adjustment- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Highlighting the adjustment is a foundational aspect of The Evidence Based Chiropractor.  Journals such as SPINE, the British Medical Journal, JMPT, the Annals of Internal Medicine, etc. have all produced research in support of the chiropractic adjustment.  Chiropractic is a distinct and unique health care profession which, in my opinion, needs nothing "added" to it.  However, we are in dire need of increasing our market utilization by highlighting our primary advantage... the chiropractic adjustment.  

Chiropractors in the past could not actively promote the adjustment due to a lack of research.  Throughout the years this may have contributed to our desire to include other modalities in our offices'.  However, now we have a deep and vast base of research which we can draw from and promote.  In a previous post I broke down the numbers and estimated that implementation of a interdisciplinary outreach system should be able to be accomplished with roughly a hour of staff time per month.  The Evidence Based Chiropractor was founded to help facilitate this process, increasing our market utilization and ultimately creating more opportunities for chiropractors to practice worldwide.  And, it is all done in an effort to honor the act of the chiropractic adjustment. 

-The Evidence Based Chiropractor is the fastest growing chiropractic marketing group in the profession.  We are dedicated to increasing chiropractic utilization by showcasing research.  Marketing to medical doctors through research is proven, cost effective, and can dramatically improve your incoming referrals.  Join us.  Lets grow chiropractic together.