50,000 Positive Chiropractic Messages- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

This year we are on pace to send nearly 50,000 positive messages of outreach to physicians (MD's and DO's) worldwide through our members.  Reaching out in an motivational, educational, and research-based fashion enables our members to build referral relationships.  Are members are setting the foundation for next generation of chiropractors today.   It is time for us to gain cultural authority.  It does not mean we need to "add" to chiropractic, but rather highlight and promote the unbelievably safe, effective, and powerful chiropractic adjustment.  

-The Evidence Based Chiropractor is the leading DC/MD marketing and outreach group in the world.  Our service is dedicated to increasing chiropractic utilization by showcasing research.  Marketing to medical doctors through research is efficient, cost effective, and can dramatically improve your incoming referrals.  Join us.  Lets grow chiropractic together.