Medical Attitudes Towards Chiropractic- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

A new study in the Journal of Chiropractic Education examines the attitudes, knowledge, and perception of medical students towards chiropractic care.  Not surprisingly, many of the medical students have had limited exposure to chiropractic.  Their views and perceptions were based on hearsay and speculation as opposed to research and experience.  A few of the key quotes include:

‘‘Just a lack of understanding of what a chiropractor does and the safety associated with it, are barriers to me, you know, when I’m practicing or referring someone to a chiropractor.’’ 

‘‘Showed us journal articles . . . this is the kind of evidence we were looking for, and she had presented this to us about safety and about patient satisfaction. I think those are 2 big topics for me that. . .maybe I can take this seriously, rather than just brushing it off, you know, as a service.’’ 

I am sure these quotes resonate with many of the members of The Evidence Based Chiropractor.  My estimation is that roughly 50% of the physicians my members interact with have never met a chiropractor before.  Unfortunately, chiropractic seems to be the best-kept health care secret of the last 200 years.  However, we can built referral relationships with other physicians and drive increased utilization of chiropractic.  By presenting research, answering questions, building rapport, and reaching out we can build the referral relationships which will not only grow our individual practices', but the profession as whole.  In my opinion chiropractic needs nothing added to it; we simply need to highlight the wonderful safety and efficacy of the chiropractic adjustment. 

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