spine surgery hardware

Fake Surgical Hardware Used in Thousands of Spine Surgeries- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

A surgical group in Southern California is facing a lawsuit which alleges they used fake surgical hardware in thousands of spine surgeries.  Some of these parts were created in a small machine shop for a few hundred dollars and billed to insurance companies for well over $12,000.  Allegedly, the surgeons using this hardware were granted huge kickbacks.

The full investigative article can be found HERE.

This is just one more reason why we, as chiropractors, need to develop interdisciplinary referral relationships.  The patients of the doctors above were exploited for monetary gain and fell into the cracks of our healthcare system.  If we are able to build relationships with other physicians in our communities then we will be in the best position possible to make the appropriate referrals for our patients who are in need of surgical intervention.  Hopefully, we are able to save our patients from the devastating consequences of visiting physicians like the ones outlined in the article above.  

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