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Top 3 Chiropractic Research Articles of 2013- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Last year, three landmark chiropractic research articles were released.  But, like a tree in the woods; if it falls and no ones hears it, did it actually fall?  We used these articles as part of our Monthly MD Research Brief's and our members were able to get the information out to thousands of MD's.  Yet, many chiropractors are still unaware of this great research.  Here are the top 3 chiropractic research articles of 2013-  

“There was a statistically and clinically significant benefit to those patients receiving chiropractic manipulative treatment...” 

“73% of participants in the SMC plus CMT group rated their global improvement as pain completely gone, much better, or moderately better, compared with 17% in the SMC group.” 

“This is the first time that spinal manipulation was investigated in a double-blinded randomized controlled design showing clear superiority compared with placebo and NSAID.” 

“HVLA manipulation can be recommended for the therapy of acute nonspecific LBP.” 

“Final evaluation showed manipulation being significantly better than NSAID and clinical superior to placebo.” 

JMPT 2013

JMPT 2013

“A systematic review of the literature done the next year concluded that spinal manipulation is a very safe and cost-effective option to treat lumbar disc herniation.” 

“Both of the treatment groups had significant decreases in their NRS scores at 1 month with a 60% reduction for the Spinal Manipulative Therapy cohort and a 53% reduction for the Nerve Root Injection group.” 

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Have you viewed our FREE Guides?  Download The MD Meeting and the 5 Secrets to MD Referrals today.