l4 radiculopathy

Groin Pain May Indicate L3/L4 Radiculopathy- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Persistent groin pain can be a very difficult symptom to assess and treat.  Often, physicians looks to the hips or even the hip flexor muscles as possible sources of the pain.

New research emphasizes that L3/L4 radiculopathy can likely produce groin pain.  Patients in this study underwent decompressive surgery and showed a great reduction in VAS and JOA pain, even at 19 months post-intervention.  

As chiropractors, this means that we have the potential to provide non-surgical decompression (flexion-distraction, etc) to the L3/L4 vertebral motion segments and greatly reduce groin pain in some patients.  While groin pain may traditionally stem from non-spine related complaints; research shows us that for a certain subset of patients, non-surgical decompressive chiropractic may provide substantial relief.

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