instagram hack

Instagram for Chiropractors: A Quick Tip to Get Started

How's it going? I wanted to give you a quick two-minute tip on how you can use Instagram to start new conversations with people in your community other businesses as well. 

Are you using Instagram yet? If not, you should be. Instagram has hundreds of millions of users, and many fall into the exact demographic that utilizes chiropractic care. It is great because you can search people close by (to your location) and start conversations with them. So here's a quick way to do that. 

First, open up Instagram, and you will see a magnifying glass at the bottom. Click on that. It brings up a screen that says "search." You click search. Guess what it now says at the top? It says "near a current location." Click that near a current location tab, and it is going to bring up a variety of locations and businesses. Hopefully, your practice is right there or perhaps its the place you are grabbing lunch. Well, here comes the magic.

Click on the location where you are at, and lo and behold what happens? Instagram gives you a map of top posts and most recent posts directly arranged as a perfectly curated feed. 

It's called geotargeting when you find people based on their location. And it's an absolute gold mine of people in your community. If you're searching the right places (the gym, a healthy local restaurant) and finding a feed of people who are posting pictures at that exact location. Now it's time to simply comment and engage with them. You will notice that your followers start to go up as you engage- which gives you a greater ability to tell your chiropractic story. Showcasing the healthy lifestyle that you advocate for your community and inspiring people to take action with their health and wellness. 

So there it is- a quick, practical tip to use Instagram to get more eyes on your practice so you can tell your story with more impact.