history of chiropractic

Honoring Chiropractors of the Past- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

You may not know that my great-grandfather was a Chiropractor in the early 1920's.  He went to Palmer and no doubt studied directly with B.J. at the Fountainhead.  At the time, Chiropractors were fighting to stay out of jail and probably could only dream of a time when they would be able to practice without the direct threat of imprisonment.  They risked everything on a little more than anecdote and belief in a better healthcare system. Medical doctors were still blood letting and penicillin had not yet been invented.  Certainly, they could not have imagined how much the practice and economy of healthcare would change over the next 100 years.  

Since that time Medical Doctors have consistently consolidated their resources to become a true behemoth on our nationwide economy.  Meanwhile, chiropractors have bickered and splintered the profession to a point where growth (utilization) has remained stagnant for decades and we have virtually no political power aside from crisis aversion.  

In my opinion, Chiropractic is perhaps the most safe and effective healthcare profession in history.  Furthermore, we now have a plethora of research which substantiates our role in the healthcare arena.  I am sure my great-grandfather would not be able to fathom a day when medical journals would support the use of chiropractic care.  Frankly, I feel as though they would be aghast if they knew thousands of chiropractors were practicing and not actively promoting chiropractic research to the public and to other physicians.  While I will never know my great-grandfathers thoughts on The Evidence Based Chiropractor, I am steadfast in my belief that the promotion of chiropractic research, and the ability to highlight the unbelievable power of the chiropractic adjustment, is a foundational component of how we can secure the future of chiropractic for the next 100 years.   

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