discogenic pain

Placebo Outperforms Fibrin Sealant Treatment for Chronic Lumbar Discogenic Pain- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

A trial was recently presented at the International Spine Invention Society Annual Meeting which looked at fibrin sealant treatment for chronic lumbar discogenic pain.  Fibrin sealant treatment is going through trials to determine efficacy and safety which may affect FDA clearances.  

While the study did not indicate any potential risks or safety issues, the placebo of saline was found to perform better than the fibrin sealant.  For discogenic pain, often annual tears in the annulus fibrosis are present.  Fibrin sealant has been investigated as a mechanism to stabilize the disc and reduce pain; although this latest research study shows that the potentially expensive procedure may not provide adequate efficacy.  At 26 weeks post treatment 40.7% of the control/placebo group had 50% improvement in VAS scores compared to only 35% of the patients receiving the fibrin sealant.  

Previous research has shown chiropractic care, specially flexion-distraction technique, as a viable treatment for discogenic pain due to the reduction in intradiscal pressure. 

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