concussion symptoms

Concussion Symptoms Mimic Neck Injury Symptoms- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

The University of Buffalo recently release a study which evaluated over a hundred patients (including some professional athletes) who had sustained sports related concussions.  They found the the symptoms of concussion are closely related to, and overlap, the symptoms of neck injury. 

These symptoms include headache, dizziness, vision issues, difficulty concentrating, and memory retention challenges.  The researchers have hypothesized that when the symptoms of a concussion last for several months post-injury; the patients may actually be suffering from the results of a undiagnosed neck injury.

As chiropractors, research such as this is a great opportunity to build referral relationships with sports medicine physicians. By working hand in hand with sports medicine physicians, patients will be able to receive the best care possible for the totality of their sports injuries. 

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