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Streamline Your Chiropractic EHR/EMR for Maximum Efficiency- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Free Chiropractic Templates Now Available on drchrono

Too many chiropractors have wasted thousands of dollars on electronic medical records that are inefficient, cumbersome, and ultimately not adequate for complete documentation. 

Just yesterday we released a free set of updated templates on drchrono which perfectly match our Chiropractic Forms Set.  Now you can have perfect congruence between your hardcopy and electronic notes.  Additionally, all the forms have been built directly from the AAOS guidelines for E/M coding.  Did I lose you there? Simply put, they are built off the documentation standards necessary to code and bill at the proper examination level. When you have the documentation in order you will have less insurance details, less staff time on the phone, and more money in your pocket. 

These forms are built for chiropractors who:

  • want to streamline their office paperwork
  • like saving time and desire less insurance denials
  • are interested in a simple way to code exam's properly
  • want to maximize reimbursement!

Stop guessing whether an exam should be a 99202, 99203, 99201, or 99204.  Download our free drchrono templates today and pair them with our Chiropractic Office Forms set.  

Pick up the pair today and receive 10% of our hardcopy Chiropractic Office Forms using the coupon code "chiropractor".

Find your FREE drchono templates by clicking here.  If you like the forms please give them a positive rating!

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