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Imaging Representatives Are a Hidden Key of MD Marketing - by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Meeting with every physician in your community can be a challenge.  Some offices are just difficult to "get in to".  However, the perfect person to help you bridge this gap may be right under your nose. Imagine a individual who-

  • knows every medical doctor in your community
  • knows every front office staff member in your community
  • spends all day building these relationships
  • is not a pharmaceutical rep
  • is more than happy to break the ice and set up an introduction for you
  • does not charge you anything!

Enter the imaging representative.  Nearly every chiropractic office in the country has imaging representatives which visit to solicit business for their imaging centers.  Even chiropractic offices that take their own radiographs typically have representatives visit to promote the services of their MRI facilities.  These representatives can be a gold mine of information and connection.  

The imaging representatives know nearly every primary care practice in your community.  Typically, they also have very good relationships with the offices they visit.  Furthermore, they are usually very open to helping physicians connect with each other.  Next time your imaging representative comes into your practice you can simply ask them if they would introduce you to their favorite general practice offices in town.  Being in and out of offices all day, your imaging representative will have a great idea of the practices which would resonate with your message/practice. Using this knowledge to your advantage can make a world of difference when setting up formal MD meetings. You may choose to schedule this into your personal calendar, or you may choose to send your marketing representative. Utilizing your local imaging representative is one of the most overlooked physician outreach techniques. But they are often a source of qualified, focused knowledge which can greatly accelerate your progress with physician communication.