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How Your Reception Area can Build Trust, Inspire Patients, and Generate Revenue!

A while back when I was opening my first practice I began design my reception area. I purchased a nice flat panel television, great seating, and fantastic wall art.  However, when I began to look for a video to play on my new tv I was shocked at a the results. Cheesy graphics, outdated images, and poor voiceover work was not what I had in mind! Wasn’t there something with a clean, modern touch that delivered a message I could be proud of?  


If you have felt the same way, then I am happy to say your search is over. We both know how important initial impressions can be. In “Blink”, Malcolm Gladwell taught us that decisions and impressions literally happen in an instant. Positioning your office is NOT just about external communication, but also internal communication. 


Your Reception Area has the potential to:

  • -inspire patients
  • -position your office
  • -set the tone for their experience
  • -reinforce their decision
  • -provoke the desire to refer! 

It is not necessary to pay hundreds of dollars per month for video content. It is also not necessary to compromise your image and deliver a message which is incongruent with your practice style! “The First Step: A Patient Inspiration Video” is designed from the ground up to provide an elegantly modern aesthetic with the foundation of timeless inspirational quotations. Packed with over 100 inspirational quotes this video will delight, inform, and inspire your patients.

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