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The Research Regarding Chiropractic Communication- Episode 39

There is a significant breakdown between the evidence-based support of chiropractic care and the actual referrals being made by medical doctors. This week we examine a brand new research paper that investigates the communication and care coordination of chronic pain patients between chiropractors and medical doctors. It is an eye-opening piece and we also highlight the specific action steps you can take to improve your local referral relationships starting today.


Impact, Thought, Connection- Improving Your Chiropractic Message

Patients perceived “satisfaction” begins as soon as they start interacting with your office. From the moment they enter your door, their experience will shape their perception. This is why its imperative to not underestimate your office aesthetic. Small changes to your office decor can make HUGE changes in your (subconscious) patient communication. By reading this, you should have a great idea of where to start to improve your in-office communication and you will learn about impact/thought/connection. 


If you are not a graphic designer or interior decorator (and I will assume you are not) then your problem may start right there.


Are You?

1) a Graphic Designer

2) a Interior Decorator



As a chiropractor, you are consistently trying to build trust, rapport, and build a patient-centric practice by communicating both in your office and out of your office. Today we are going to focus on in-office communication. More specifically…. your walls. 


If you are like most chiropractors, then either you or your spouse decorated your office. With visions of a professional healing space that would leave Dr. Gupta jealous, you start piecing together an office. Very quickly you see the same old chiropractic art for sale. As a matter of fact, I believe if you look close enough, you can see some of these posters in the background of photos with B.J himself adjusting. 


You are hoping to get your chiropractic message across to your patients. You would like build trust and rapport. Then you need to package it in a powerful and modern way. 


We both know that people will PUSH back again new ideas. They may have been skeptical coming into your office to begin with. They may have had a family member or friend dissuade them from coming in. With this in mind you can see how important it is to position your office IMMEDIATELY after they walk into the door.


When they look up from the reception area are they viewing information which is confusing and doesn’t make sense based on their current state of knowledge?  


Are they looking up at timeless messages of health and wellness from undisputed leaders of healthcare as we know it? 


By using classic and timeless messages in combination with a elegant and modern aesthetic you will be significantly impacting the patients’ view and perception of your office; and therefore your care. 


To make a positive impact immediately with your patients through visual media you will want to accomplish 3 primary tasks-

1) Impact

2) Thought

3) Connection


Research has proven that we have a “gut reaction” to stimulus within .10 second. This often leads to our longterm thoughts on the subject. So, first you need to make an IMPACT. This can (and should) be done with elegance and grace. The design of your art will determine this. Take a look around your office- is the impact your making a positive one based on the visual media?


Second is THOUGHT. After the impact is made, the patient will read and think about the content. If the content is new or appears on the surface to not be inline with their beliefs then you will never make it to step 3!  However, if your messages are timeless and classic, then the reaction is very predicable. They will think about the content, internally agree with the content and then proceed immediately to step 3.


CONNECTION- Connection is when you have made an impact and stimulated a thought that leads to a feeling of “I belong here” or “I feel comfortable here”. This is absolutely essential when building trust and rapport. Starbucks thrived on this concept, they called it the “third place”. 


I am sure it is now crystal clear to you how important the choices of art in your office truly are. For the docs like you, who have read this article, and care about how they position their office to their new patients, I am offering a 10% discount on any of our Chiropractic Prints. Simply use the coupon code “chiropractor” at checkout. 


Make these small changes and make a HUGE difference is the positioning of your practice. To start making these changes today simply click here

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