chiropractic cervical exam form

Your Chiropractic Intake Forms- by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

What are your intake and examination forms designed for?  Are they to provide clinical information?  Perhaps, begin educating a patient? Are they just a formality required by law? Maybe you aren't even sure the purpose of many of the items on the forms.

Over the years I have looked at many chiropractic intake and examination forms and have been utterly shocked at some the content which is not only present, but also missing, on these forms. The Evidence Based Chiropractor is set to streamline and simply this process.  We will soon by releasing a set of intake and examination forms which are built from the ground up to represent the content and information needed to not only maximize your clinical picture, but also provide the content necessary to bill and code with confidence.   

These forms will be fully customized with your practice information so you can easily print and begin using immediately.  Conversely, if you are using a EHR, they will provide you with a template for your system.

No more guessing. No more conjecture.

Simple, streamlined, and elegant intake and examination.   Learn more about our chiropractic forms here.

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The Evidence Based Chiropractor makes no guarantees, directly or implied regarding the specifics of billing, coding, and reimbursement.  Local, regional, and state laws vary and always take precedent.