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Creating an Irresistible Call to Action on Your Chiropractic Website

Is your website converting new patients as it should be?

And I mean that earnestly. If somebody is typing in your town, chiropractor and your website comes up; it is very likely that they are looking for a chiropractor and will become a new patient!

So my question to you is- does your website represent what you want them to do, the next step they need to take? And that really comes down to your call to action. In marketing, when you see "CTA," all that means is call to action. Let's go one step deeper.

Your call to action is what are you asking for. What do you want the person that visits your website to do? If you want your site to drive new patients, then your call to action needs to invite them to call your office and learn more. You need to dive deep on these type of things because I know there's a lot of chiropractors out there that have the headline of their website (their call to action) that's esoteric and/or generatic and doesn't give a clear direction.

When marketing, you need to be as crystal clear. You need to distill your message down and be as clear as possible. Describe the next step for the visitor to take.

Click over to your website. Check out the call to action or the headline and ask yourself if you are providing a clear direction for your visitors. If it's unclear, then I can tell you right now your website is not converting as well as it should be.