SPINE recommends maintenance adjustments

SPINE Recommending Maintenance Adjustments for Prevention?

In what may become a "landmark" study in research related to the practice of chiropractic, SPINE Journal emphatically recommends that maintenance (at a frequency of 2x month) adjustments to the lumbar spine may prevent future episodes of lumbar spine pain.   

Pain (VAS Score) and disability (Oswestry) were reduced continually with the group receiving maintenance treatment.  In conclusion they found that "we suggest that maintained SM is beneficial to patients with chronic nonspecific LBP particularly those who gain improvement after initial intensive manipulation to maintain the improved post-treatment pain and disability levels."


When powerful research such as this is produced for prescription medications, the pharm reps are banging down the door of every medical practitioner in country.  However, aside from our promotion at The Evidence Based Chiropractor, I have not seen a single chiropractic organization mount a campaign which promotes this research to the public or to other medical providers.   

Facebook, Google, Health Fairs, etc can all be good marketing for your practice.  But do not neglect perhaps the most valuable outreach and referral generator of interdisciplinary referrals.  We, as chiropractors, have an abundance of high quality research which needs to be promoted and not left dormant!  This library of research will continue to build and it will be our task to make sure that others are aware of the value of our care.  

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The study- http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21245790


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