The Marketing Pardox- Pick Two: Fast, Cheap, Great

A or B. Morning or Night. 1 or 2. 


As small business owners we are faced with choices everyday. This includes choices with our marketing. These choices often have individual opportunities and challenges. Unfortunately, there is a rarely a PERFECT answer.

It's really the classic chiropractic marketing paradox.

All marketing, including chiropractic marketing, is about choices.

Deciding between fast, cheap, and great is one of the toughest because as small business owners resources can often be tight. The important thing to keep in mind is that you can still have a fantastic result; as long as you know which choice you are hedging against.

But my knowing the chart below, and making an informed decision about where you will place your resources, you can accomplish your goals.

The really interesting thing about the marketing paradox is that it is pretty much applicable to all areas of our life!