Chiropractic is 98% BS- A Response to Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan recently came out with a very very viral and popular podcast and video where he said 98 percent of Chiropractic is BS. Well, I am a chiropractor. I run The Evidence Based Chiropractor which is focused on chiropractic research; as well as working hand in hand every day with Johns Hopkins trained neurosurgeons and more. 

So, I wanted to create a short video for Joe and everyone else out there showcasing where he was right, where he might be wrong, and a few other tip so the next time that he visits a chiropractor he can have a better experience. I think that he had a lot of great points, he just was a little bit misguided. 

Some things that Joe was correct on is that for many medical doctors they don't focus on preventative maintenance of the spine. They're not talking about yoga, they're not talking about proper spinal hygiene, they're not talking about ergonomics and sitting up straight and really strengthening those core muscles around the spine. Joe is 100 percent correct that typically medical doctors don't talk about that. Now ironically, chiropractors are the best health care professionals to talk about exactly those topics. 

So if you are into CrossFit if you are into staying active later in your years; if you want to have the highest quality of life; proper spinal hygiene, flexibility, and taking care of your spine under gravity is unbelievably important. But again, ironically, during Joe's 98 percent of Chiropractic is BS rant, he failed to mention that chiropractors are the best health care professionals to give advice directly on those topics. 

Also Joe was correct that when a disk bulges or herniates, it can create a situation where that disk presses up against a nerve as it travels out of the spine column. This can result in nerve compression. If that happens in the neck it can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and more down into the shoulders arms and hands. Now if that compression, that disc pressing on the nerve, happens in a low back, it can cause pain, numbness, tingling symptoms down into the buttocks and into the legs. 

But again, rather ironically, Chiropractic has been universally promoted and stood behind as the primary treatment option, the first treatment option, that you should explore if you are suffering from a bulge or herniated disc. Groups like the American College of Physicians the American Pain Society, prestigious research journals such as Spine Journal, European Spine Journal and more have all made recommendations that chiropractic care, chiropractic adjustments, are one of the primary options that you seek if you happen to be suffering from a bulge or a herniated disc. 

Now obviously Joe did not have the best experience with his chiropractor. And it's not fair of me to comment specifically on his case because I don't have his medical records in front of me. But there are a few items that I think he can learn, as well as you, that can help you have the best experience the next time you visit a chiropractor. Number one is communication is key. 

Joe said he was treated for over a year and then I got the MRI and there was a bulging disc. He said he knew he had it the whole time. Now if you've been treated for more than six or eight weeks without improvement, if you have muscle atrophy, if you have worsening nerve pain, then absolutely an MRI may be indicated to be able to get a better look at the pathology or the problem that's causing that pain. 

But remember even after that MRI comes back with a bulged or a herniated disc quite often your best first line of defense that the research proves out time and time again is starting your care in a chiropractic office. So if you have any questions about this please comment below. I would love to hear back what you have to say. 

I would also love it if Joe eventually saw this video I would love to have a chat with him and see where I can provide value for him and more education regarding where chiropractic starts where chiropractic stops and what the current data says regarding the usage of chiropractic care. I hope you have a great day and I'll talk to you.