3 Steps to Build Referral Relationships with Doctors in Your Community

Below you’ll find our three step approach to interdisciplinary communication; taken from our own playbook for success. We’re confident you’ll benefit from incorporating these three pillars of performance into your own practice: streamlining patient processes, building relationships and adding value with research.

3 Steps to Build Referral Relationships

1) Following Up with Case Notes

Keep them simple, straightforward and powerful to make your patients’ information easy to access and understand.

  1. Patient name

  2. Date of service

  3. Diagnosis

  4. Treatment plan

2) Setting Up Doctors Meetings

Build and strengthen your referral relationship by communicating the value you can add to other practices. Use the Socratic method to learn about their business then show how you can help their patients.

Consider asking the following questions during this meeting:

 Have you seen an increase in spine complaints?

 Which symptoms are you seeing more of (low back pain, headache, etc.)?

 What is your current treatment plan?

3) Sending Monthly Research Updates

Leverage this powerful and underutilized tool to position your practice as the local leader in conservative care.

 Deliver monthly updates on the latest research and trends to other doctors.

 Provide educational, actionable and engaging content to physicians on your target list.

 Differentiate your practice by being the go-to person for items of interest.

If you’re ready to fast track your relationships, and get more referrals into your practice from other healthcare providers, become a member of The Evidence Based Chiropractor today. We’ve helped hundreds of chiropractor build MD relationships using an easy to implement system.