The Ultimate MD Referral Program

More Patients. More Revenue. More Referrals.

Work with the leading voice of Chiropractic referrals, Dr. Jeff Langmaid, and learn...

  • A simple system to INCREASE your incoming referrals
  • How to Leverage MD Meetings for explosive growth
  • Using the Socratic Method to Discover Your Value-Add
  • Automation of your referral processes to save time and increase revenue
  • Exactly how to position your practice as the local leader in chiropractic care
  • Discover the 3 Legs of the Referral Stool to increase your new patients'
  • Why Interdisciplinary referrals are the biggest opportunity for growth and how you can implement this process immediately in your practice
  • and much, much, more...

Are Your Frustrated with a Lack of Referral from Other Providers in Your Community?

Do you want to learn how to position your practice for long term success?

Do you want to get insights and knowledge to build a more stable practice with more new patients?

Do you want to discover the best way to increase your referrals from other doctors in your community?

If you're not consistently trying to get referrals from MD's, you're missing out on potentially 5-15 new patient's per month.

Dr. Gerard in California started giving Research Briefs to the MD's within 5 miles of his practice. Within a few weeks he saw referrals from MD's he's never seen patients from before.
The next month he gained additional referrals. Now he is able to count on new patient referrals each month from other physicians in his community.

We are Dedicated to Creating a Movement That Helps Chiropractors...

Enjoy a healthier practice with more new patients.

Enjoy a healthier practice with more new patients.

Help more people with chiropractic care.

Help more people with chiropractic care.

"This membership is like an all-in-one Chiropractic practice booster."

The number one way for chiropractors to get more referrals, is by getting MD's in their area to refer them. It's the highest return on investment you'll ever get.

Hear our founder, Dr. Jeff Langmaid, give the truth about marketing your practice below:

Who this program is not for..

  1. Silo Chiropractors- if you practice in a "silo" and aren't interested in communicating with other healthcare providers
  2. Selfish Providers- if don't want to, or understand, that adding value is how you create more abundance in your life
  3. Deficit Minded-if you don't have a growth mindset and you are happy not taking control of your future

What You Get as a Member:



Grow Your Practice with the Tools Below:

  • the 5 amazing step-by-step video training modules above- (Value $1250)
  • Monthly white-labeled research briefs to build rapport and trust (Value $1500/year)
  • a copy of the best-selling book "Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors" (Value $14.99)
  • Access to The Evidence Based Chiropractor Mastermind Facebook Group (Value $500/year)
  • the Quick Start Guide (Value $99)
  • MD Keynote Presentation (Value $79)
  • 30 Minute Implementation Call with Dr. Langmaid (Value $250)
  • Case Notes Templates (Value $49)
  • the MD Meeting Guide (Value $49)
  • the Ice Breaker Letter (Value $49)
  • Discharge Case Note Template (Value $49)
  • MD Meeting Letter (Value $49)
  • Practice Information Sheet Template (Value $49)
  • an exclusive documentation series courtesy of Custom ChiroSolutions (Value $250)
  • and much much more..


That's a combined value of over $3500 !!!!!!

If all of this training just got you ONE more new patient per month... would it be worth it?

I know it would be.

But, for a limited time I am offering The Evidence Based Chiropractor MD Referral System for only $79/Month (or you can save even more with a yearly membership).


Sample Research Briefs

Why You Should Join Today (Backed up by Numbers):

The main value you're getting in this program is the Monthly customized Research Briefs. These briefs are not recycled old content. They are made each month, and often times have peer-reviewed research in them that literally just came out.

Sending these research briefs to MD's (using a step-by-step system located in the Members Vault) is the most consistent and reliable way to get extra referrals to your practice each month (on average my clients get 3-10 extra referrals from this).

In addition to getting this every month (already a tremendous value), you also get bonuses each month as seen above.

Enrolling in the Monthly Membership is a tremendous investment.  See why below-

Average referral case value = $1,500 -­ $2,000

Entire year of membership = $750

This means if you get just ONE extra referral from this system in an entire year, you will more than double your investment.

Also keep in mind that some of my clients are getting 50­-60 referrals per year. Here is a rough breakdown you can realistically expect from using this MD referral system:

Super low end: 2­-3 referrals per year:

1 referral = $1,500/year

2 referrals = $3,000/year

3 referrals = $4,500/year

Average: 20-30 referrals per year:

20 referrals = $ 30,000/year

25 referrals = $ 37,500/year

30 referrals = $45,000 /year

High end. 50-60 referrals per year:

50 referrals = $ 75,000/year

55 referrals = $ 82,500/year

60 referrals = $ 90,000/year

As you can see, even people on the super ­low end more than doubled the yearly investment. I'm also using extremely conservative lifetime value numbers in all these calculations.

Also keep in mind, most people will make more than 1 referral per month with these research papers. If you have trouble getting even 1 extra referral per month the members area contains my personal contact information, and you can call and ask for help (although I've never once had a single member quit and tell me they couldn't get an extra referral).

That's why this membership is simply a no­-brainer.



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Increase Your Referrals!

Let us take the time to find and create stunning research briefs which you can use with confidence when speaking about the latest evidence based practice theories.

Many docs are getting significant ROI using our service! 

Elegant...Stunning...Professional... Customized Monthly Research Briefs

Thank you for your interest in our research briefs.  My goal is to assist chiropractors in building their practice through research.  By staying abreast of the latest research you are able to practice more confidently, and build relationships with referral sources in your circle of practice.  We do the hard work for you by searching peer-reviewed journals and creating high-quality briefs which you can distribute to your colleagues.

As a member of The Evidence Based Chiropractor you are able to learn from one of the leading authorities on DC/MD relationships. 

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