Regardless of Your Practice Style, Interdisciplinary Marketing is Essential

Regardless of YOUR Practice Style, Interdisciplinary Marketing is Essential

Do you have a family practice?  Are you focused on personal injury?  Is a pediatric practice your passion?  Are athletes constantly coming in for care? 

The great thing about outreach and marketing to medical doctors through research is that you can practice in nearly any style and still create powerful and effective marketing materials.  The key is to match your physician list to your practice style.  Below you will see some common examples-

Your Practice                          Your Physician List

Pediatrics                                Pediatrician

Personal Injury                        Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Athletics                                  Primary Care/Extremity Specialists

Pregnancy                               Ob/Gyn, Midwife’s, Doula’s

General Practice                      Primary Care/Family Doctor

Neuropathy                             Neurologist

Of course, you will have some overlap and I would recommend having diversity in your list.  One of the great advantages to practicing as a chiropractor is that we are extremely effective and well-developed in treating a variety of patient types.  This gives us a lot of flexibility in creating our own practice niche, and then building relationships with other health professionals to develop our niche.  Marketing through research is one of the most affordable and effective ways to build trust, credibility, and begin building the relationships that will translate into referrals.  If you are not already consistently reaching out to your local niche of community specialists then please contact me to get started right away. I offer the best and perhaps only service designed and implemented explicitly for the purpose of building interdisciplinary referrals.  Let’s build your practice together.



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