Be first, Be noticed, Be the "go-to" chiropractor.

How do I established consistent referrals from local medical doctors?

Above is the question which came to mind roughly one year ago when I moved from Rhode Island to Florida, essentially re-starting my practice.  While many pieces of your marketing system must work together to yield results; the most important is consistent, educational outreach. 

Chiropractic referrals from Medical Doctors.

One shocking fact I discovered since beginning my program has been the lack of interdisciplinary communication present in my town.  I would estimate that over 50% of the MD's which I have sat down with stated they did not have professional relationships and/or had not met another chiropractic in town.  What an opportunity!  I would guess that many towns/cities have similar circumstances.  This means that by extending your hand, reaching out, and then delivering consistent education material; you can quickly become their "go-to" chiropractor and resource. 

EVERY chiropractor should add MD marketing to their current outreach program.  Many chiropractors I have came across don't do this simply because they lack the time or lack the access to high quality peer-reviewed research journal. If you are one of these doc's; please let us do the hard work for you.  For $25 per month you will receive a personalized, custom, research brief detailing chiropractic and musculoskeletal care .  Simply sharing these briefs with the MD's in your town will help establish (or build) the relationships which lead to referrals. 

Effective, affordable outreach to medical doctors designed and tested by a fellow chiropractor.  Join me, and lets grow chiropractic together.