10 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Increase Business and Sales

You studied hard, got your license, and gained invaluable experience. You believe in yourself and your chiropractic practice. So, why aren't new patients knocking down your door to find relief? 

Your chiropractic marketing may be to blame. And, needing a little help in this area is normal. 

You aren't a marketing expert. You're a chiropractor. You're also a business owner which comes with an abundance of responsibilities. 

But, you know that your business can't thrive unless you make a profit. And, the only way to do that is to bring in new customers and make them lifelong fans of your practice. 

Sinbad keeping it real.

Sinbad keeping it real.

You also are competing with other chiropractic offices. They may be targeting a similar audience or provide related services. How can you get the edge? 

Successful chiropractic marketing is the solution to these dilemmas. Chiropractic marketing can be a DIY pursuit, or you can outsource your marketing efforts to a digital marketing agency. What's best for your practice will depend on your availability, skills, and staff. 

So, if you're looking to implement new marketing ideas, then look no further. Read on to discover 10 marketing ideas to grow your business while increasing your revenue and new patients. 

Chiropractic Marketing: 10 Marketing Tips to Improve Your Business

Marketing is a vast field. It contains many different layers and elements that you can adjust and improve. Explore the following marketing ideas to learn how to bring in new patients and grow your sales. 

1. Utilize Social Media

As humans, we naturally love familiarity. Being on social media is more about brand awareness and recognition than producing sales. The more familiar patients are with your brand, the more trustworthy your practice will become. 

Create social media profiles based on which ones your target audience uses most. For example, if you're targeting professionals, use LinkedIn.

You can also purchase ads on social media platforms. Select which demographic data to target to reach your audience on these platforms accurately. 

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2. Offer Supplemental Products and Services

While you're at it, use your social media profiles to show off the products and services your offer. It may be supplements, fitness equipment, or group coaching. Focus on the benefits your patients can expect by using the product or service.

This strategy successfully generates leads and can increase your sales.

Your practice website can (and should) have a shop or store to generate additional revenue channels.

Your practice website can (and should) have a shop or store to generate additional revenue channels.

3. Create Useful Content

People are smartening up to traditional sales tactics and pitches. They don't want to be pitched to or sold anything. Instead, they want to connect and learn. 

Adhere to your customers' needs by educating them through blog posts. You can also guest blog for another company to gain brand awareness and leads. 

Content will also help to improve your website traffic. And, as your traffic increases, your search engine ranking can also go up. You can reach a wide range of people who can then help you to improve your local rankings as well. 

Using video is one of the best ways to spread your unique healthcare vision.

Using video is one of the best ways to spread your unique healthcare vision.

4. Get Referrals

Develop a referral program for your customers and other medical professionals. For customers, offer a discount or reward for referring a friend or family member. Advertise the referral program on social media, via email marketing, and your website. 

For medical referrals, you'll need to build up a professional partnership. Explain the benefits of your services, automate your referral process, and educate yourself on how to market to other doctors.

5. Build Community Relationships

People love supporting companies that support a higher purpose. Getting involved in the community is a perfect way to show patients that you care. 

Create and build community partnerships.

Support other local businesses by highlighting your favorite healthy restaurants on social media.

Offer lunch and learns to community agencies and companies. Provide free advice and expert wellness tips. 

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is cost-effective and promotes brand awareness and conversions. It also reminds patients that your practice is still thriving. 

Use email marketing to provide your patients with educational materials, promotions, and company updates. A monthly newsletter is also a beneficial way to engage with your patients.

Grow your email list by offering discounts on your physical products in exchange for their email address. 

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7. Press Releases

Traditional marketing tools shouldn't be ignored. Word of mouth marketing, traditional ad space, and press releases can still help you to grow your chiropractic firm. Press releases will help you to reach your target audience and promote brand awareness.

Create press releases when something exciting or out-of-the-norm occurs at your practice. For example, if you win an award, complete a community project, or write a book. 

8. Develop a User-Friendly Website

Website design can influence your search engine ranking, your website traffic, and your conversion rates. Develop a user-friendly website by using a simple, fast-loading design. Your website's menu should also be easy to navigate and include only the necessary information.

Your website can also include videos, meaningful images, and testimonials. Having a "schedule an appointment" feature will also help to streamline the conversion process. The easier it is for customers to contact and schedule an appointment, the better it will be for business.

9. Set Yourself Apart

Your competition can be stiff (no pun intended). 

To truly succeed in your market, you'll need to set yourself apart. What makes your practice different? 

Is it your experience? Maybe you have a piece of equipment, testing tool, or service other chiropractors don't offer. Or, do you holistically approach chiropractic?

When creating your unique value proposition, always keep your target audience in mind.

10. Ask for Reviews

Patients and customers trust each other more than they believe in marketing tactics. Ask for reviews from all your patients. Encourage them to review your practice on social media, Google, and websites like Yelp. 

Asking for reviews is also essential for your reputation management. Many disgruntled customers express their frustrations by leaving negative reviews. Asking for positive reviews balances out these negative reviews.

Stay up to date about your online reviews. If you do receive a negative review, work to amend the patient's concern. Often, the patient will respond positively and be willing to find a resolution. 

Chiropractic Marketing a Pain in the Neck?: Gaining Support

These chiropractic marketing tips will help to put your practice on the map. They can also improve your reputation and increase your profit. 

But, your marketing efforts can be even more successful by hiring a digital marketing agency. Helpful guides and resources can also help to improve your marketing efforts. 

Want to become the chiropractor other doctors refer to? Sign-up for a monthly or yearly membership for a step-by-step guide to learn how to increase your medical referrals.