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011- Reduced Medication Use with Collaborative Care

This week we look at the astounding reduction in medication use with collaborative care.  Collaborative care in this study was defined as the use of chiropractic in addition to a primary care physician for patients with low back pain.  Also, the researchers found 4 key attributes of a successful referral relationships between DC and MD. Dive in, learn more, and use this knowledge immediately in practice.

The Researchers Found:

“...evidence suggests that communication between chiropractors and physicians is limited, which may foster fragmentation of care and impact its continuity and quality.”

“Evidence also suggests that a multidisciplinary approach to chronic conditions improves patient outcomes and patient and provider satisfaction.”

“...the physician referred 61% of patients in the study group for chiropractic services compared to none in the pre-study group. The sex, age, and severity of pain of the study patients who were referred were similar to those who were not referred for chiropractic services.”

Episode Highlights:

Changes in primary care physician's management of low back pain in a model of interprofessional collaborative care: an uncontrolled before-after study

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