The Top 3 Blog Post Topics to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

You may already know that blogging can drive massive traffic to your website and help more future patients find your office by improving your search engine optimization.

But while most chiropractors realize they should be blogging, far too many don't know where to start.

Does that sound familiar?

If so, you are in the right place, because in this article you will discover the three key categories and topics that will help you produce hundreds of future blogs!

The Top Chiropractic Blog Post Ideas

1- Create LISTS


Creating lists is a great way to start blogging, or to pump up your blog because they are relatively easy to execute and provide tremendous value for the people in your audience. You may choose to start with a list of healthy snacks. It's always nice to feature your favorite local healthy restaurants. Or maybe you even put together a list of your recommended stretches and exercises.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different ways you can go with it. The list's also tend to perform very well because the headlines typically grab attention. By putting together a variety of blogs around lists, you can provide a nice quick way for people to see your subject matter expertise.

Also, since they are easy to read, it's more likely the audience will "digest" the material, implement, and take action steps. So lists are an easy way to start blogging — an easy way to start posting that could have a tremendous impact.


2- How-to Blogs

How-to videos blogs and videos are fantastic for many of the same reasons as lists. They provide immense value for the people in your audience. The other great thing about how-to blogs is the extra juice you will get from Google with search engine optimization. Many people start their search by typing "how-to...". So if you have a blog post that answers the question of "how to...", it becomes MUCH more likely that Google (and all of the other search engines) will push you to the top.

How-To Blogs Take Advantage of Google AutoFill and Drive More Traffic to Your Website

As the search engines push you to the top, it can disproportionately affect your website traffic. Studies have indicated the top 5 search results get over 75% of the total traffic, so moving even one position can make a HUGE difference on terms that are searched frequently.

More traffic means more people will visit your website and more people will begin to understand your unique healthcare message which will inevitably result in an increase of new patients into your practice. So "how to" blogs are fantastic. You can go to thousands of different directions; these are an excellent way to start putting out blog content quickly and efficiently while also helping your search engine optimization.

3- Weekly Health Tips


And finally, the third content category is weekly health tips. This is a huge focus of what we do at The Smart Chiropractor and have seen tremendous success. When you can provide health information, health education, and health entertainment every week, it's a tremendous value-add to the people in your audience. It's also great for audience building.

Evaluating research updates and explaining why it matters to your audience (the life impact) is one powerful way to go. You could also feature a healthy exercise that you have found helps your patients with low back complaints.

There are a million different ways you can go with weekly health tips, but the bottom line is that they are a great way to establish cadence and consistency with your brand and practice. Putting out consistent content is crucial. And when you can do it in a way that adds education, information, and entertainment to someone's day- well know you have a piece that ready to be shared!

You'll notice a common theme between all of these categories. They all focus on the other person. They focus on your community, your audience. So take a moment to understand what are you after. Who is the ideal person that you'd want to see in your practice?

Then ask yourself what the primary issues or problems that those individuals are dealing with are.

Then break it down one step farther and ask:

Visual Representation of Your Web Traffic After Following These Tips

Visual Representation of Your Web Traffic After Following These Tips

  • How can I teach them something that benefits with a how-to blog/video?

  • What's the list that they might be interested in that will make their life better and or more comfortable?

  • And what is a weekly health tip that will tie it all together?

Focus on providing content that will help make their day and life better.

When you're putting out blog content on your website and social media channels it can help position you as that expert. It will help you become a healthcare leader in your community.

If you have any questions or you want to run any topics by me, leave them down in the comments below. I'll be happy to chip in and help you get on the right path to improve your SEO, ramp up your content production and getting more people into your practice!