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Rocktape RockBlades Mohawk Review | A Revolution in IASTM

RockBlades Mohawk is the ultimate soft tissue tool kit, and this article and review will show you why.

Each Mohawk kit includes the Mohawk stainless steel tool, a silicone sleeve, ABS/Polycarbonate comb, RockRub, and a Quick Start Guide to help you take action fast.

Mohawk has changed the IASTM, or instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation, world by unlocking revolutionary new treatments with their unique, industry-first attachments of the Sleeve and Comb.

Whether you're treating soft tissue on the playing field, or in the office, Mohawk has a sweet carry case to keep everything together and keep you on the go.

If you are a movement specialist, physical therapist, or chiropractor and you perform soft tissue work in your practice or your clinic, Mohawk is a soft tissue tool you need to have close to your treatment table.

First, it comes with an excellent carrying case. So this can help you tremendously if you are on and off the field. If you're in and out of different gyms, different boxes, different practices, this carrying case helps you keep everything in one spot, and it makes travel super convenient. The worst tool is a lost tool. So this carrying case will help you keep everything in order as we open things up for Mohawk.

RockBlades Mohawk includes

  • a handy carrying case

  • RockBlades Mohawk Surgical Stainless steel IASTM tool

  • a silicon sleeve

  • a ABS comb

  • RockRub

  • a spot for your Mullet and Mallet (RockBlades)

Mohawk's carrying case has a spot for RockRub, the two attachments (a silicon sleeve and ABS comb), and even has space for your RockBlades.

Mohawk is a beautifully designed tool. It's made from surgical stainless steel, and there's a variety of dimples and grip points. So whether you are working large muscle groups or more sensitive and intricate spaces, you're going to be able to find a surface on Mohawk to match the tissue.

The weight is perfectly balanced, which helps fight fatigue during those long treatment sessions. If you've ever performed soft tissue work without tools, then you know the toll it can take on our wrists and hands. Mohawk's design and balanced weight are a lifesaver if you treat soft tissue daily in your practice.

Surgical stainless steel is fantastic, but there are times where you might want to have a different contact surface, and that is where the two attachments come in so handy. One of them is a silicon sleeve. This slips right over the top of Mohawk. And what it enables you to do is grip into the tissue. So if there is an area where you want a little bit of extra grip you want to make sure you get in there and can provide some additional traction. The silicone sleeve is a great tool to use. It slides right over the top of the instrument, and it gives you the ability to have extra grip and a little bit more traction on an area.

The third component is the ABS comb. The ABS Comb clips right over the top of Mohawk enables you to stimulate the tissue and create neurological input. New research has discovered the importance of neurological input as a primary mechanism of action during soft tissue work, and Mohawk's ABS Comb makes it easy.

Altering proprioceptive input can create varied neurological responses, which is why it is so crucial to have multiple attachments or ways to impact the soft tissue.

If you have not checked out RockBlades Mohawk, then click here to learn more from RockTape.

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