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Effective Chiropractic Patient Communication

We live in a world where access to email, twitter, instagram, Facebook, and google have become a part of our everyday communication. This has given all of us unparalleled access to our patients lives and made it easier than ever to communicate with them. In a perfect world we are able to put out a message through a single channel and it automatically delivers this message to every patient in our audience with a single click. Unfortunately, you may have noticed this is not exactly how things work out! 

Often our lives are so consumed with technology that messages and communications can lost in the shuffle of our feed, or in the case of Facebook; may only reach 1/1000 of your audience! Targeted ads can be complex and surprising expensive if you are not familiar with their intricacies. And how on earth are you able to send patient birthday messages and re-activation notices? Surprisingly, best choice for birthdays, holidays, and reactivations are our traditional print cards. 

Look, I know a lot of chiropractic postcards look dated, tacky, and probably don’t position your office in a way you are proud of. That is why I recently developed a new set of Patient Communication Cards to provide a modern touch to a classic message. Whether its a birthday, holiday, or you are going through your patient database quarterly to send re-activation reminders, I have you covered. Our card are elegant, modern, and affordable.

In the day and age of our modern technology it actually is a HUGE advantage to send out personalized, signed cards to your patients.

It won’t get routed to their spam folder or lost in some algorithm of pay ads. By sending a card you are taking a stand and making a personal connection with your patients which they are sure to appreciate. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out our Patient Communication Cards then I encourage you to do so right here. As a special limited time offer you can also get 10% of your order by using the coupon code ‘chiropractor’ at checkout. All of the elegance, modern design, and timeless message you have come to expect from The Evidence Based Chiropractor.

-The Evidence Based Chiropractor has assisted hundreds of chiropractors around the globe build interdisciplinary referral relationships.

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