low back pain guidelines

Chiropractic Care Supported by the American Pain Society and American College of Physicians - by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

A variety of clinical guidelines support and encourage the use of chiropractic care due to its safety and efficacy.  In 2007, the Annals of Internal Medicine released a series of clinical guidelines.  The clinical guidelines for the treatment of low back pain were supported by the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians.  

These guidelines reveal some interesting data.  They report 65% of primary care physicians recommend massage, 55% recommended ultrasound, and 22% recommended (of performed) spinal manipulation.  They also found that only 2 treatment options show strong efficacy for the management/treatment of acute (<4 weeks duration) low back pain.  These treatment options were spinal manipulation and heat.  For sub-acute and chronic low back pain the researchers still found spinal manipulation to be a valuable treatment option.

When we look at this study we can draw a few conclusions.  First, only a small minority (22%) of physicians are recommending spinal manipulation to their patients.  Second, spinal manipulation is a recommended treatment option.  

The discrepancy in the recommendations from the clinical guidelines and the recommendations by the physicians is no surprise.  Other studies have shown that primary care physicians recommendations for low back pain are "high discordant" with current research.  Without a profession wide marketing and outreach campaign for the promotion of this research, the task falls to us, as individual providers to build referral relationships. 


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