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Bed Rest for Back Pain? by The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Long gone are the days of bed rest for back pain. As a matter of fact, bed rest is one of the worst things you can do when suffering from back pain. Even patients who have back surgery are encouraged to start moving as soon as possible. Nutrition and blood flow to the discs of the spine (and the very small nerves around the vertebrae) are facilitated by movement. The limited mobility of the spine during bed rest inhibits this important process. When our discs do not have adequate motion, the nutrients needed for healing are not delivered, and our recovery can take longer. If we are not moving the spine, then the ability for the spine to rehabilitate and heal is hindered. This is also why chiropractic care can be so essential to facilitating the healing of spine conditions. Chiropractors are trained to assist you in restoring proper motion to the spine. This has the potential to speed up the healing process, getting you active, and feeling good as quickly as possible! 

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