Want More MD Referrals?

Most MD’s don’t know what we do.

Crunch. Crack. Pop. Fast. Forceful.  High Velocity.  Rotation. 

These are the words that most medical doctors think of when they think of chiropractic care.  They see symptomatic patients unable to walk and can’t see how a chiropractor will help by “crunching” their spine.  Or they see a patient with a cervical spine herniation and cringe at the thought of a high velocity adjustment.  This is a huge barrier to referrals.  The truth is that many medical doctors have no idea what we do!

By educating, engaging, and informing these physicians about various adjusting techniques, effectiveness, and safety of chiropractic care, you can build trust, respect, and ultimately referrals.   The most effective and affordable way to do this is to market through research.  I practice within a large orthopedic group and have discovered a consistent system to increase referrals and interdisciplinary communication.  If you lack the time or resources to create these for yourself, then please contact me and I will provide you with current, motivating, customized research briefs delivered to your inbox as a PDF each month for only $25.  Let’s increase our referrals, let’s increase chiropractic utilization.  Many of my members are receiving over 1000% ROI using our service!