A Powerfully Simple Tip to Improve Your Chiropractic Website Today

A powerfully simple tip to improve your chiropractic website today! And it is much more simple and easier than you think. Drum roll please....now look at your headline. I've been diving into a ton of chiropractic websites and it looks like they are writing for themselves, not their community and not their prospective patients. 

When you have at the top of your website a statement like "wellness awaits you," who does that speak to? YOU know what that means. But I will nearly guarantee that almost nobody in your community understands your CTA (call to action).

And this applies to every chiropractor regardless of what type of practice you have. If you want to provide pain relief, make sure that you craft a headline that speaks to that person in pain looking for relief. If you're about sports performance, then talk about that in your headline and get prospective patients interested in your service. If you are about more family care, then speak to that. But one thing I've noticed is a plethora of super generic headlines that speak to no one. 

Please keep that in mind, if your headline doesn't engage a visitor immediately, they will bounce off of your website to another chiropractor down the road. I'd encourage you to take a look at your website today and see what is in the title, see what's at the top. 

A couple of words can make a huge difference, and do not underestimate the volume of people looking at your chiropractic website. You have to speak to them. You have to make sure that they believe you are the right place for them. A well-written headline will inspire them to pick up the phone and start that conversation. Then that gives you the ability to see if you can help them reach their health goals and improve their life with chiropractic!