Set of 3 Chiropractic Office Prints

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EBC Posters.jpg

Set of 3 Chiropractic Office Prints


Take a look around the walls of your chiropractic office. Isn't it about time you replaced those old and tired posters with something modern? This set of three chiropractic posters look beautiful but also convey educational and topical messages.

You can hang all three posters in your reception area, or you can spread them throughout your office in the adjusting and exam rooms. Each poster features appealing colors and an elegant font that is sure to complement any office.

 These prints are the perfect replacement for the cheesy motivational prints. What makes these ideal is their relevance to your practice, making them a logical addition to your decor.  

  • Sized 18x24

  • Shipped in a tube

  • Quantity: three (Edison, Hippocrates, and Palmer Chiropractic Print)

Place these posters in your chiropractic office and give it a fresh and modern look.

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