Jeffrey Langmaid, D.C. — Respected Chiropractor Enhances Patient Care at Laser Spine Institute
As an accomplished chiropractor and esteemed thought leader in the field of conservative spine treatment, Jeffrey Langmaid, D.C. brings a wealth of knowledge to Laser Spine Institute. With a dedication to meeting the individual needs of each patient, he complements a patient-focused team of skilled and experienced medical professionals. In his role as Consult Physician at Laser Spine Institute, Dr. Langmaid works closely with patients throughout their treatment journeys, providing them with the information and tools they need to better understand their conditions and make the best possible spine care decisions.
Bringing chiropractors and physicians together
Early on in his career, Dr. Langmaid made a name for himself by founding a unique organization that connects chiropractors and physicians with a goal to provide more effective conservative care for spine conditions. By performing extensive research and authoring multiple published works, he further distinguished himself as an innovator in fostering open communications between chiropractors and physicians. A sought-after speaker on this topic, he regularly showcases his knowledge by lecturing and presenting at hospitals and chiropractic conferences, and he often serves as a guest speaker on industry podcasts.


Expanding conservative treatment options
Drawing on his many years of experience as a chiropractor, as well as his deep insight into the connection between traditional and chiropractic medicine, Dr. Langmaid is continually exploring new ways to help his patients find relief for neck and back pain without surgery. While he accepts that spine surgery will always be an important part of the treatment continuum, and he appreciates how a personalized spine procedure can fit into a patient’s overall treatment plan, he also believes that the majority of patients can benefit from conservative treatment approaches.
The future of spine care
Dr. Langmaid’s philosophy is consistent with that of the spine experts at Laser Spine Institute, who firmly believe that nonsurgical treatments can be effective enough to eliminate the need for surgery in the majority of people who have neck or back pain. Dr. Langmaid’s goal is to significantly increase the number of these cases. To do so, he is working diligently to bring chiropractors and physicians together so that he can capitalize on their collective expertise to find ways to improve conservative spine care.
Dr. Langmaid has the talent, passion and tools necessary to forge bonds among his colleagues, empower those around him, refine proven techniques and establish an enduring synergy. As such, his work can potentially benefit anyone who experiences neck or back pain, including all current and future patients of Laser Spine Institute.